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Low-Maintenance Terrariums

A terrarium is an incredible and unique gift to give or receive no matter the occasion as they’re easy to nurture and stunning, living decorations. To buy a terrarium online is to invest in a present that won’t wilt and requires low-maintenance — perfect for the friend or family member who needs cheering up or a new home office plant.  

Handmade locally with love. Not everyone is suited to a bunch of flowers, or can manage to keep plants alive but the gift of a terrarium from Beautiful Blooms Boutique ensures your loved one will receive a thoughtful present that lasts. Handmade in our Penrith store, our collection of mini and large terrariums are creatively and carefully crafted with quality plants, soil and materials, including Forest Life terrarium glass. Our terrarium gifts are high-quality ecosystems created with correct pH levels, balanced nutrients, and components for drainage and water retention. This ensures that our pebbles or moss terrariums are self-sufficient to both thrive and survive. Beautiful Blooms Boutique also offers custom, one-of-a-kind terrarium creations should you want to gift something truly special and distinctive. Perfect home or office decor. Terrariums are living home decor perfect for an office or to accessorise your abode with. A mini terrarium is the ideal low-effort green addition to a bedside table or coffee table should someone you love need to inject some greenery into their space. A grand or large terrarium on the other hand is a lovely and thoughtful touch for the green thumb’s home office or workplace as this space-efficient ecosystem can be left to grow and bloom on its own time frame. Buy a stunning terrarium in Penrith from Beautiful Blooms Boutique today. Contact us here or ring us on 0416 789 929 for more about specific creations or custom orders!

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